Friday, January 16, 2015

Love this new series by Zoey Derrick!!

If you haven't heard about this author, OMG you NEED to run out and scoop up her books. Don't walk, run. And grab a friend. Because you are going to need someone to talk about these stories with! They are the hottest thing to cross my Kindle in a very long time...and that's saying something since I read some pretty provocative material!! Much love, Zoey, on a job well done!!! 

Claiming Addison - 69 Bottles #1 by Zoey Derrick

Claiming Addison - 69 Bottles #1
Book 1 in the 69 Bottles series is Claiming Addison. It introduces us to some sexually driven and gorgeous characters Addison, Kyle, and Talon.

When these three people meet, the immediate sexual chemistry is CRAY-CRAY. It's hot and steamy and vulnerable. A little of everything. There is more than enough to leave you hot and bothered and wanting.

MMF, MFM, FMM, I love these types of stories. However, most authors just CANNOT get the MMF angle right. They gloss over the important parts, but even more, they usually won't even touch on the males touching or kissing or being intimate. I love how Zoey incorporates the ENTIRE threesome into intimate situations, sometimes together, sometimes separate, but always loving and safe.

This book is part of a three book series and I am DYING for the next 2!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Dance Recital is in the books!

And it was amazeballs. So fluid and the girls did fantastic! This was Kennedy's very 1st recital, and she handled it like a pro. Raegan has been dancing for years, but even she pulled out some moves that I've never seen her do before! Especially her acrobatics dance. HOLY COW!!!!!! Congrats and well done!

Long Time, No See!!

It's been an undeniably very long time since I've made a post! But in my defense, I have a very valid excuse. We are in the middle of remodeling a foreclosed home that we bought and it's taking up all of my time! Between that, my full-time job, and my part-time one day a week cleaning job, I'm pooped! But so thrilled....this is going to be amazing for my family! Here are some before photos...I'll be posting "after" photos as we go along. We got an unbelievably amazing deal on this house from a friend's uber excited!! We will hopefully have the bedrooms and a bathroom ready within the next month, and work on the rest as we are living there. *Famous last words*

Pantry...there's not one in our current house that we've been in for 10 years so I am beyond thrilled!!

View 1 of kitchen

View 2 of kitchen/dining combo

Master bath (will be a tiled walk-in shower eventually)

Corner of back yard

Back yard...A POOL!!!!

Dining room by kitchen...or breakfast nook?

Front entrance

Front of house

Kennedy's bedroom

Direct view of kitchen

Living room 

Master bedroom

2nd view from front's like 14 feet deep!

Raegan's room

Front yard

This used to be a garage that they will be the girls' dance studio with a small section for my gym

Man Cave

And here are the kitchen cabinets as they look now...just finished!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Modeling gig and happy girls!

So the girls and I had a modeling gig recently and I am so happy about how the photos turned out! A local photographer was wanting models for photos to update her stock photography (photos that photographers sell to magazines, It's the first job for both of the girls and they did an amazing job. Very professional and they took it very seriously. I'm so very proud of them! Below are some of the photos that were taken...maybe you'll see them in a magazine soon!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wow! Insanity Round 1: COMPLETE!!

It's been awhile since I've posted. Way too much going on around here! With the holidays, my girls taking dance classes 3 days per week, church on Wednesdays, and doing Insanity 6 days per week, it's been a mess!! I, however, did find the strength (pun intended) to complete Insanity! I finished it up 3 weeks ago and I must say, it feels great! I started a second round after I finished it so I am one of those crazy people who apparently didn't get enough the first time. ;-)

My stats for now:
Starting Weight: 168.8
Current Weight: 141.8

Waist: 34
Hips: 37.5
Biceps: 11.25
Thighs: 19.5
Chest: 36

I've lost a total of 26.2 pounds and 23.25 inches! Yay!!!! I feel amazing, and these size 8 pants feel even more amazing. I'm thinking another 5-7 lbs and I'll be exactly where I want to be. :-)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Destiny: A Brightest Kind of Darkness book review

I've waited forever for this book. I mean, really and truly. It was supposed to come out in March but the author (Ms. P.T. Michelle herself) moved across the pond and it got pushed back until October 15. I must've read BKoD and Lucid at least 4 times each in the time before I finally got this book. Ms. Michelle gave me the book in exchange for my honest review, and honestly? I would've paid MORE than it costs. This book was freaking phenomenal!! I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to be even more in love with Ethan but Holy Cow did he ever take it up a notch in this book! And, well, wore less clothes. And provided more entertainment with his hands and mouth. ;-) 

Here's my review on Amazon: 
"I must say, my heart is still palpitating after the last line of this book. What?!?! OMG, Ms. Michelle, you have totally ensnared me...mind, body, and soul!!

I told the author that I was savoring this book and it's true. I took my time reading this, re-reading certain passages, highlighting about a million paragraphs, and trying to calm my breath. I waited a long time for this book to come out and it was definitely worth the wait.

Ethan and Nara have been through a lot. I spent the first half of the book just wanting to slap some sense into Ethan in the hopes it would help him remember. I thought Nara was a little overreactive and sensitive about some issues, but with good reason. It all worked out for the best and when he did finally remember, the goosebumps started and stayed until the end. Danielle...what can I say? I think she probably started out with good intentions but when it came to Ethan, her heart overruled her own purpose and who can blame her? Ethan has that effect on people. I'm sad for her that the end came like it did, but more than that, my heart bleeds for Drystan. I miss him already and I'm hoping that we still see him in the next one. His exit was abrupt and heart wrenching.

Nara's dad...well, that's going to be interesting to say the least. I'm very curious how that whole unintentional love triangle is going to play out! How will her mom react? Or Mr. Dixon for that matter? Yikes!

I'm surprised but not surprised over who the blond man turns out to be. It's a turn I wasn't expecting but once it was revealed, it made a whole lot of sense and I just went "Ah ha!" Now I can see where fate and destiny and purpose all roll into one to bring this series to life.

This book answered a lot of questions and then brought up a whole slew more. I had to bring my husband into the Corvus world just so I had someone to vent to. He (not an avid reader like me) thinks the book premise is great and different as well. I love the characters. I love that they fight for each other and for their destiny. A lot of book characters let other things get in the way of what they are meant to do or be, but Ethan and Nara get closer and more bound with each obstacle. It's a beautiful thing to watch. I have high hopes for them in the future and what they can accomplish. I really love how this book showed both viewpoints, and you really get a sense of how much Nara means to Ethan, what she does for him, how she lights up his darkness. And Adder? Holy Hades, was that not the hottest thing this side of the sun?? The only thing hotter was the culmination (finally!) of the love between Ethan and Nara. I was a smiling fool when it finally happened!! I think I have an entire chapter highlighted for future easy reference.

Kudos, Ms. Michelle, for giving me characters to love, to dream for, to hope with. The depth of love and purpose and pride for and with these two is astounding. I am anxiously awaiting the next book so that I can get more of my favorite couple. I highly recommend getting all 4 of these books and reading them back to back and re-reading them again and again. This is by far my #1 favorite series that I've ever read and it never disappoints or fails to live up to my expectations."

Seriously, though, if you haven't read these books yet, please run out and get them. They are different and interesting and will keep you guessing and engaged from beginning to end. You will be salivating for the next one!! Thank you, Patrice, for giving me another dose of Ethan! Cannot WAIT for the next one!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 29 - Recovery Week

Yesterday was the 1st day of my week 5 Recovery Week. It's supposed to be Core Cardio and Balance all week but I have the Deluxe version so I wanted to check out Max Interval Sports Training. I figure since it's 54 minutes (what?!), I'd do it on Sun, Wed and Fri when I have more time, and then the Core Cardio on Mon, Tues and Thurs when my girls have dance. My assessment is below...

Max Interval Sports Training:
This workout is 54 minutes long. The workout starts with one warm-up circuit that is repeated for 2 rounds with no breaks in between, for a total warm-up of about 9 minutes. Then, the main workout is numerous sports based drills in a circuit format. Each circuit is done once, and each drill in the circuit is 30 seconds to 1 minute long. There are water breaks at various points throughout the circuits and in between the circuits. The workout ends with a cool down stretch.

Warm-Up Circuit: (not too bad; I was still sweating but not as much as the regular warmups)
  • Jump Rope
  • Jump Rope – Switch Heels
  • Jump Rope – Switch Heels Higher
  • Jump Rope Side to Side
  • Cross Jacks
  • Knee Pulls – High
  • Knee Pulls – Low
  • Knee Pulls – Hand to Floor
Boxing Circuit: (I enjoyed this one. Really fun and powerful)
  • Jab Across
  • Jab Across 2 & 2
  • Jab Across 4 & 4
  • Jab Across 8 & 8
  • Uppercuts
  • Uppercuts 2 & 2
  • Uppercuts 4 & 4
  • Uppercuts 8 & 8
  • 8 Jabs/8 Power Jumps
Football Circuit: (Hate. Hate. Hate. lol I'm not a guy so football is not my thing...)
  • Football Drills
  • Tricep Pulses
  • Tackle
  • Offensive Line Elbow
Basketball Circuit: (this one is ok. It worked me out, just wasn't too fun)
  • 3 Point Shot – Run
  • Guard Drills
  • Suicide Drills
  • Basketball Dribble
Gymnastics Circuit: (this one was really hard. My 9 year old dancer/gymnast had no problem with these. I, on the other hand, looked like a spastic frog, especially on the pike jump and bronco jumps. You basically lean over in a V-push up stance, then push your feet off the ground and jump up into a sort of handstand. Not easy, and OMG it hurts).
  • Pike Jump
  • Pendulum
  • 6 Inches Hold
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Scissors
  • V-Push Ups
  • Bronco Jumps
Track and Field Circuit: (just running. I just finished C25K so this was easy lol)
  • Ladders – 15
  • Ladders – 30
  • Ladders – 45
  • Ladders – 60
  • Ladders – 45
  • Ladders – 30
  • Ladders – 15
  • Long Jump

The Max Interval Sports Training workout is one of my favorite Insanity workouts, even if it is a bit long. You do a ton of new sports orientated exercises in this workout including boxing, football, basketball, gymnastics, and track and field. Shaun T drills you and pushes you like he is your coach, making you feel like it is game day and you are in it to win it. The gymnastics jumps are so different than any other exercise I have done before so I think it's definitely challenging and keeps you a little more engaged if you've gotten complacent so far. Overall, I think this workout is really fun and makes you forget how hard you are working out!