Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whew, what a crazy 2 weeks!

So I've been MIA obviously. What with Mardi Gras going on and all the catering and ball dancing. :-) It's been a complete and total blast!

First up, I helped hubby's catering job/restaurant/whatever you call it cater two balls. The first one was great...I bartended and hello, can we say TIPS?! Major thumbs up to that. The second? Not so much. I was a runner (the tuxedo clad person whisking trays of hot and steamy deliciousness to and fro from the kitchen tent to the main tent). The running wasn't the issue, nor was the temperature of the kitchen tent. The people, however, were rude and salacious and obnoxious. I smiled and "excuse me please" like the good Southern girl that I am...but inside, there was a battalion of potty mouthed sailors vying for the opportunity for a few four-letter word spewage. Ugh. Must people act like that? And this was for one of the ritzy, have more money than sense organizations. Geez.

On the flip side, the last event was the ball we attended, his aunt's Mobile Mystical Ladies organization. OMG did we have a blast!! I first went to my mother in law's, where she did the most amazing thing to my hair:

We danced and danced to all of the DJ's appropriate older-crowd approved music, and then finally towards the end of the night requested some Killin' In the Name Of by Rage as well as the ever popular Ice Ice Baby. ;-) The crowd seemed to be digging the Vanilla....their faces upon hearing Rage was priceless, though!! Hahaha!! Anyway, here we are...

My bff Renee and her hubby Bobby (my other hubby) came over early to get ready. Bobby is from Chicago and therefore, aside from his wedding 6 years ago, has had no reason to wear tails. Listening to Aubrey's "Tuxedo Tails 101" instruction to Bobby as HI-LA-RIOUS!!

We had a really really good time. I'm hoping we didn't freak Bobby out too much and that his first ball was a hit!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm a bartender!

Well, kind of. ;-) I helped my hubby's job cater a Mardi Gras ball this past Friday. I got put in the bar and needless to say, I was petrified! I've never bartended a day in my life. Unless you count the very generous drinks I make for myself at home. I ended up having an absolute blast, though! All the guests were very nice, albeit drunk by the end of the evening, tipped well, and I had a ton of repeats so I ended up remembering the drinks of most everyone who kept coming to me. I got a bunch of "awesome job!" and "wow, you're good". :-) That makes me happy! I felt very proud of myself. I also had one girl trying to take me home all night. Her boyfriend thought it was hilarious (and I'm sure he would've been all about it had I actually gone lol). Then again, my hubby thought it was great, too. What is with men?! At least she was cute! We ended up, after packing up and heading back to the restaurant to unpack, getting home at 4am. And being a mom who is used to getting up early, I was still up by 8am. Ugh.

We have another ball this Friday night, followed by our own ball on Saturday. I'm going to be exhausted but I'm still determined to dance it up and have a blast!