Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hold me accountable!

I'm not being flippant or funny or cute in a ha-ha way, either! I have begun my weight loss journey. I had posted previously about it but I've been serious about it and dedicated since July 7. Just a randomly chosen date that got me past eating the4th of July goodies. ;-) What I've been doing: Running - never been a big fan of running but I've heard it's the best cardio. My motivation for this is The Color Run that is scheduled for Mobile in October....on 10/12, to be exact - my 11th anniversary. :-) I've been wanting to do one forever so this motivates me to complete the C25K app that I've started and stopped a million times. The hubby and my girls have all been doing it with me, we're making it a family thing. I do this 6 days per week (repeating each day of the program twice). CrossFit - Gym memberships and specific CrossFit packages are way too expensive for my test but I've found some fantastic home workouts via Pinterest. You can find me here . I've found that I really enjoy CrossFit! It's challenging, never boring, and some of the moves have become my favorites, like the inverted handstand pushup! Surprising to me but I really enjoy doing it and it seems to be making a rather fast difference in terms of tone and definition, especially in my arms, legs and back. I do this 4 days per week, doing a different workout every day so that I can mix it up and stay motivated. Dance - My daughters' dance studio has begun offering an Adult Jazz class and an Adult Cardio Hip Hop Class, each class once a week. I thought I'd try those out and I love them! The hip hop more so than the jazz, maybe because it's slower. But they've been fun and there are a ton of great women in the classes as well. It helps that the teachers have been the dance teachers for my kiddos for several years now so I'm comfortable with them! Diet - Healthy eating, lifestyle change. Lots of veggies and baked foods. Limited sugar and carbs. Very little bread, if any. Using my LoseIt app to track my intake, drinking 64-80 ounces of water daily. Where I'm At: Starting Weight: 168.8 Current Weight: 162.2 Goal Weight: 140 6.2 lbs lost over the past month. I weighed yesterday and this is my TOM so I've got some water weight in there, I'm sure. With that being said, I'm okay with 6.2 lbs!! That equals out to a little over a pound a week. I'm determined to push myself even harder to make it come off that much faster! Here's my before photos....be proud! No one, and I Mean No One (save hubby and girlies) has seen me like this ever!! lol This is what 2 cesareans and a love of food does to you.