Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Taylor Hicks, crawfish...and a boat lawn ornament

Father's Day weekend was a great weekend for us! We headed over to Foley/Orange Beach/Gulf Shores to stay with my bff, Renee and her fab hubby, Bobby. Friday night, we headed over to the FloraBama's 1st Annual Shindig in the Sand music festival. $10 entry fee for the day and Taylor performed at 7. He put on an amazing show!! We were uber close, as he was set up on the beach stage. I've enjoyed him since prior to his American Idol days, due to his performing locally so much. After the concert, he signed autographs, took photos, and even spoke with people's relatives on cell phones! He's a really great guy, super genuine.

Saturday, we went to the Undertow bar for all you can eat crawfish, sausage and shrimp...also $10! Omigosh, so stinking yum!!!

Saturday night, we stayed up late. Nee and I headed to bed around 12:30-ish while the guys stayed on the porch chatting. We all hear this noise similar to a dump truck unloading a dumpster. Renee comes into my room saying "There's a boat in my driveway!" Of course, we jump up and run (nosily) outside at 1am. Some drunk neighbor had careened around the corner from the boat launch, took out the neighbor's mailbox, and his boat (which hadn't been secured properly) flew off the trailer, slid across the grass, and landed across her drive. I think every cop in town showed up and we all posed with the boat. Because, really, who would believe us otherwise?! lol

Thanks for a great weekend, Nee Nee!