Monday, March 11, 2013

Magic Mike style

So my girlsfriends...Crystal, Tracy and Michelle...and I decided to check out a Magic Mike style male revue show that came into town this weekend. Hunks the Show out of Las Vegas. See the hunkiness here....

We danced, we drank, we screamed until we were hoarse. Seeing as it is my birthday next week, Tracy bought me a lap dance. *sigh* It was crazy!!! You would have thought we were nuns who broke out of the convent. lol Afterwards, we met up with our men at one of the local girl strip clubs. Um, slightly different atmosphere. lol Men sitting all primly and quietly, sipping beer, and holding out $1 bills. We were like y'all are boring!!! Ha! I assume it's different with male "dancers" because they don't care if they get touched. So glad it is because man, that was a HOT evening out! Now for this weekend when we will be heading to a local club for my actual birthday night out....and that will be the extent of my evenings out for the year probably. lol

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