Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Black Dagger Brotherhood

As I've mentioned before, I am an avid reader. At any given time, you can catch me reading. I love it so much, I even sneak a couple of minutes here and there! There have been a few novels and/or series over the course of my life that have really resonated with me. When I was much younger, it was Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club (yeah, you feel me!). Now that I'm older, my taste has turned more towards dark and steamy. Such is the case of The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

I don't think I've ever loved characters as much as these unlikely heroes. The Dark-Hunter series (Sherrilyn Kenyon) and the Carpathian series (Christine Feehan) definitely rank up there as favorites, but the vampire saviors of the Brotherhood are everything a woman could ever want. Dark, brooding, scarred and broken, sexy. Allow me to introduce you:

Wrath - the Blind King of the vampires. Last purebred vampire. Mated to Beth, daughter of the slain leader, Darius. He leads the war against the Lessers, de-souled humans out to destroy vampires.

Rhage - Movie star beautiful, nicknamed Hollywood, he is possessed by a dragon like creature. Mated to Mary, a human though now immortal.

Zsadist - By far, my favorite Brother. Scarred and broken from his existence as a blood and sex slave after being stolen from his family as an infant, he remained there for over a century until he is rescued by his twin, Phury. He is tortured, cold, merciless and unforgiving with some serious hangups about sex and feeding. Until Bella, his mate, redeems him. Has a daughter named Nalla. Beautiful and haunting, he literally stays implanted in my brain at all times. He is my favorite character of all time.

Vishous - resident genius who can see visions and is the only one who can heal Butch. Son of the Scribe Virgin (their "deity"). Mated to Jane.

Torhment - Brotherhood leader. Lost his mate and unborn child to a Lesser attack. Leaves the Brotherhood a broken man then returns later in the series. Re-mated to Autumn.

Phury - twin brother to Zsadist. Starts the series a celibate as an atonement for what Zsadist went through. Mated to Cormia and is the Primale of the Chosen.

John Matthew/Tehrror - a mute human man who was born with the mark of the Brotherhood although this mark is usually given and isn't a birth right. Is later found to be the reincarnation of the slain leader, Darius. Mated to Xhex.

Butch/Dhestroyer - a former human homicide detective turned Brother, he is mated to Marissa and has the ability to absorb Lessers into his body. Is the object of the Lesser Prophecy.

If you haven't been introduced to this series yet, I highly suggest you run off and grab them. I've read them a zillion times (Z's story, Lover Awakened, probably 2 zillion) and recently downloaded the entire thing to my Kindle so I can have my fix anytime, anywhere. The only one I have not read yet is Lover At Last, the newest chapter featuring Qhuinn and Blay, who are yes, both men. I'm excited to read their story, as past interludes with them have been explosive. Check out JR Ward's videos on YouTube and make sure you read this series. At least one of the Brothers will touch your heart, mind, and a very specific place in the southern hemisphere. ;-)

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