Friday, January 8, 2016

Bind by Sierra Cartwright

I loved this!! Connor is the Alpha male...totally hot and dominating and rich, which is always helpful. :-) Lara is a little more old school and willing to do whatever it takes to bring her family's company into the new era of business. The heat and tension between these two was incredible. I was a little surprised over the quickness with which their relationship progressed but seeing as how the sex was so steamy, I didn't put much thought into it. ;-) Overall, a quick, easy and hot read!! Great author.


Only one man can help her. Is she willing to pay his price?
Faced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family’s fortune, Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her, the gorgeous and powerful Connor Donovan.
She knows he’s dangerous to her on every level. Only desperation would drive her to make such a risky proposition. After all, she knows all about his ruthless nature and relentless determination to succeed.
When the classy, elegant Lara walks into his office with an outrageous proposal, Connor is stunned and more than a little intrigued. Ever since he first met her, he’s been attracted to the cool beauty, but she’s more than kept her distance.
Connor is absolutely willing to help her out. For a price. He not only wants her hand in marriage, but also her total submissive surrender…
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Bind (Book 1)

About Author:
Winner of the 2013 Best BDSM Book of the Year award (Over The Line), the 2014 LASR Book of the Year award (In The Den), and the 2015 Golden Flogger (Crave), Sierra was born in Manchester, England where she spent her early years traipsing through castles. After living in Denver for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed author now calls Galveston, Texas, home. She loves the way history blends with Southern manners (being called "sugar" is an experience unto itself) and rich pirate lore.

She invites you to join her on a sensual journey where the limits are explored and expanded.

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