Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wrecked by Jessica Blake

This was a super good read! Grace is the epitome of spoiled D-list celebrity when her world falls apart and Daddy's money disappears. She's sent to live with her uncle and aunt in the boonies. When she gets there, she meets Luke, a caring and hunky philanthropist who is from a very well off family. She decides she'll lure him in because of his money but things happen very differently than what she imagined. 

The characters were well developed, even if it did take awhile for Grace to become someone I liked. Luke was hot from the get go and so compassionate, except where Grace was concerned. Smart man! You won't be disappointed.

After her family's megalithic pet store chain goes under, Grace Silva's plush life in L.A. is turned upside down. Now too ashamed to be seen running to catch the bus (instead of being driven by the family's chauffeur), Grace books it out of Cali and heads for Crystal Brook, North Carolina. Without her trusty posse and plentiful opportunities to party, Grace finds herself at a loss living with her aunt and uncle. Crystal Brook is cozy. It's friendly. It's peaceful... And Grace hates it.

The only good thing the town has going for it is the hot and rumored wealthy hunk living down the street. Seeing a possible way out of her fall into the 'common life' (as her friends deem it), Grace does everything she can to catch Luke Anderson's eye, but not even her trustiest tricks seem to work. Scrambling to find an avenue, she begins volunteering at the local food pantry where Luke spends much of his time. Forced to come face to face with the kind of circumstances she's never even imagined, Grace begins to see that the seemingly impossible task of getting the guy is just the beginning of her long journey towards something better.

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About Author:
Jessica Blake is the author of the hot alpha billionaire romance series, The Billionaire Prisoner, along with her friend Alice Ward.

Since she was a young college girl reading and writing romance was what she loved the most and she enjoys entertaining her fans through her books.

Living in Miami, she likes to sit by the pool with her laptop and write her next hot romance.

However, when she is not reading or writing romance, she also enjoys being with her beautiful family

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