Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My new favorite author AND first ever BOOK REVIEW!

I stumbled across this amazingly talented author on Amazon when I was searching for books for my Kindle. Her name? P.T. Michelle. Seriously, her books are awesome! So awesome, in fact, that one of my initial reasons for even creating this blog was so that I could share her awesomeness with you. :-)

The book that I stumbled across was Brightest Kind of Darkness.

It's the first in a series of the same name and centers around Nara Collins, a typical 16 year old girl who has one slight difference...every night, she dreams her entire next day. She's spent her life avoiding the desire to change events due to an incident that occurred when she was younger, but one fateful event she can't help but change...and it sets her life on a collision course with fate. Enter the young, brooding Ethan Harris, whose connection with Nara is just as mysterious as he is. Drawn to each other with a desire they cannot control, their powers combine in a way that is different and breathtaking.

I literally could NOT stop reading this book. I purchased it one day, and was so drawn in that I finished it by lunchtime the next day. I read it on lunch, I read it while sitting in the waiting room of my daughter's dance studio, I read it in the tub. I'm the type of person that I'm okay with borrowing ebooks from the library or perusing the free books on For BKoD? Heck, no, that wasn't going to fly! I HAD to find out what happened at the end of this book. Enter Lucid...

Book 2 of BKoD centers around Nara and Ethan's relationship, what happened to him at the end of BKoD, and what they need to do to save each other. It kept me even more on my toes than the first one! I was breathless from page to page, fighting alongside Nara to save the love of my life...and yes, Ethan is now the love of my life. I want to help him, hold him, take care of him. *sigh* Broken and bruised and brooding, he's so perfect it's not even funny! You will not even believe where this book takes you. I cried and laughed and truly wanted to just beat the crap out of someone.

And now that brings us to Destiny, which I have to wait like 2 more months for! I absolutely cannot wait for this book to come out. I want it the second it's available. I want to pick up where Lucid left off, I want Ethan to come and pull the feather out of its hiding place, I want the desire and passion to take its natural course. I am DYING here!

I highly recommend you get these books. They are romantic and sexy and intriguing, all without being overtly sexual and cheesy. The premise is so different from anything I've read before. I applaud you, Ms. Michelle, for giving me a new kind of hero and making me fall in love with Ethan and even Nara!

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  1. Aw, Nikki this blog and it's first post if full of AWESOME! I feel honored that my books have inspired you to start blogging.

    Oh, and did you know that ETHAN just released? While you're waiting on DESTINY, check out the prequel I wrote to BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS.

    ETHAN is a novella written in ETHAN's point of view giving you a peek into his life up until he and Nara talk for the first time in the parking lot about the bomb. I hope you enjoy it just as much! :)

    Here's the link to ETHAN on Amazon if you're interested: If you own a Nook or iPad, I've just posted all the buy links for Ethan in my latest blog post.

    Warmest regards,