Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinterest pin....nailed it!! I think?!

So my sister-in-law had been searching for a corn hole game for a very long time. I, myself, had no clue what corn hole even was so I would always just smile and nod like I knew what she was talking about. (Come on, I'm not alone here, right?! Hasn't everyone done that?)

So when it came time for searching out the perfect Christmas gift for our families, my mother in law suggested a corn hole game. Have you SEEN the prices on these suckers?! An unfinished one can run you upwards of $150 or more on Ebay. Yeah, I don't think so. I decided to scour Pinterest and see if I could find a DIY tutorial. And what do you know? I did! After sucking up to the hubby so that he would actually assemble the thing, and gathering up my supplies of paint and vinyl letters (Shout out to Michelle @ Signs Now, a very good friend of mine!), we set to work.

The original tutorial can be found at,1000871,DIY_33166_40181_HOWTO-PRINT-DETAIL,00.html. All together, this project cost us $32 for lumber and hardware, $5.82 for paint, and a whopping $0 for vinyl (did I mention that I LOVE my friend Michelle?!), and took about 4 hours total time. I also sewed the bean bags, not the prettiest thing I've ever seen, since it was my first "on my own" sewing project, but hey, they'll work! I must say, I am impressed with us! lol It turned out much better than I expected and we are kinda thinking we might want to make one for ourselves now!  Whatdya think?


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