Thursday, January 8, 2015

Long Time, No See!!

It's been an undeniably very long time since I've made a post! But in my defense, I have a very valid excuse. We are in the middle of remodeling a foreclosed home that we bought and it's taking up all of my time! Between that, my full-time job, and my part-time one day a week cleaning job, I'm pooped! But so thrilled....this is going to be amazing for my family! Here are some before photos...I'll be posting "after" photos as we go along. We got an unbelievably amazing deal on this house from a friend's uber excited!! We will hopefully have the bedrooms and a bathroom ready within the next month, and work on the rest as we are living there. *Famous last words*

Pantry...there's not one in our current house that we've been in for 10 years so I am beyond thrilled!!

View 1 of kitchen

View 2 of kitchen/dining combo

Master bath (will be a tiled walk-in shower eventually)

Corner of back yard

Back yard...A POOL!!!!

Dining room by kitchen...or breakfast nook?

Front entrance

Front of house

Kennedy's bedroom

Direct view of kitchen

Living room 

Master bedroom

2nd view from front's like 14 feet deep!

Raegan's room

Front yard

This used to be a garage that they will be the girls' dance studio with a small section for my gym

Man Cave

And here are the kitchen cabinets as they look now...just finished!!!

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