Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zoey Derrick is my new crack addiction

69 Bottles has got to be one of the best new series I've read in a long time. I started out with Claiming Addison, which on it's own is a super sexy book. You can see my review in a previous post. But Craving Talon? Holy moly, did we hit the motherload! I have never swiped across my Kindle screen as eagerly or as quickly as I did with Talon's book. There was drama and messiness and fighting and loving. But what I was really waiting for, and what I got in spades, was for Talon and Kyle to truly come together. I've read other books where there may be some M/M erotic scenes, but they always come across as awkward or not very realistic. I mean, no lube, really? Good luck with that, honey. Zoey, on the other hand, writes these scenes as if she's been there and observed firsthand the eroticism of the moment. (That's a whole other bag of questions for Ms. Derrick at another time, and some bribery for pics. ;-) )

For the honesty value, I will say I did receive an ARC of this book in exchange for my review. But I would have paid for it, and still written this same review, because it is amazeballs. Truly. I need a movie version, and I believe I need to personally audition the roles of Talon and Kyle. I mean, gotta get it right, am I right??

Off to stare longingly at my Kindle, awaiting the day when Kyle's story comes floating across my screen, and my heart. And various other places. ;-)

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