Monday, September 23, 2013

Insanity day 3 - Cardio Power and Resistance

In the immortal words of The Waterboy, "foosball is the Devil". Or, in this case, Sean T and his jacked up Cardio Power and Resistance workout. Seriously, I'm a girl. I've never played football. At least not with any other goal in mind but looking cute and trying to snag a boy. These football drill exercises are kicking my booty. This workout goes like this:

Pretty much the same as yesterday. 39 minutes long. There's another 11 minute warm-up, nearly 7 minutes of stretching, and 18 minutes of cardio power before the cool-down stretch.

The warm-up
  • Jog
  • Power Jacks
  • Log Jumps
  • 1-2-3
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • Vertical Jumps

Now we chug some water and prepare to stretch our muscles....or try not to cry.

The main workout is broken up into two sections again. There are four basic exercises in the first section:
  • Power Jumps
  • Belt Kicks
  • Hit the Floor
  • V Push Ups

You do three sets at 30 seconds each exercise, and you get a 30 second water break between sets. At the end of the third set, there's three more exercises: Triceps Dips, One-Legged Triceps Dips and Triceps Ball Push-Ups.

For the next circuit in this workout, there are these next (horrifying and sadistic) exercises:

  • Hurdle Jumps
  • Globe Jumps
  • Moving Push-Ups
  • Floor Sprints
Same as before, you do three sets with a 30 second water break between each set. I just about made it through the final "bonus" exercise - 8 Hop Squats/8 Push-Ups. I'll be sure to add that one to my list of least favorite exercises! It seriously sucks big...well, you know. 

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