Monday, September 23, 2013

Insanity Day 6 & 7, C25K, and Maegan's vow renewal

Another round of Plyometric Cardio Circuit for Day 6 and Cardio Power & Resistance for Day 7. I think doing this workout is starting to pay off. I'm able to get through without as many breaks, which is a big deal for me! I still sweat something fierce and it hurts, but I've stopped being sore the next day. That's progress, right?

I'm also doing the C25K program at the same time. Insanity is definitely helping with my stamina and lung control! Sunday was Week 8 Day 1 (i.e. warm up walk for 5 minutes, run for 28 minutes or 2.75 miles, and cool down for 5 minutes), and I've been able to run as it asks without taking extra walks. I'm definitely not a runner...or at least I wasn't before. So this is exciting to me!! I actually ran 30.25 minutes because I wanted to return to my starting point (or my front door) so that I could use and calculate the exact mileage that I ran. It ended up being 2.91 miles!!!!! OMG I was so aggravated!! Why, you ask? 2.91 miles is great, right? Well, yes. But I started at my door, then ran down the main thoroughfare off my street. I came down to this tiny bridge that had a mile marker about halfway across it. I thought that'd be a good place to turn around and start my trek back. I have a feeling if I had passed that marker and ran to the other side of the bridge before turning back, it'd have been an even 3 miles! Aghhh!! Oh well, at least I can shoot for that today when I run. lol

Saturday was a really friend of mine's vow renewal for her 11th anniversary. Her sweet dh planned the whole thing as a surprise to her. It was super cute! She looked amazing and he is so stinking sweet and cute. We had a great time, and I got a lot of "wow, you look great" remarks so that felt really really good! Our 11th anniversary is in 3 weeks so I'm hoping I can lose even more and tone up before then. I have a really fabulous dress that I got at J C Penney for $2.77! Looking forward to wearing that sexiness!

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