Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Insanity with Sean T: Day 1 & 2 Review

So, my fabulous BFF came to the rescue again and delivered unto me my very own copy of Insanity by Sean T. I'm 10 weeks into this weight loss/healthy lifestyle attempt. I've heard some good things about Insanity so I'm excited to give it a try. 

I was able to find some videos for the first week of the program on YouTube, basically watching other people do the workout and copying them. Which is either really fantastic, or I was learning how to do the moves completely wrong. Anyways, I completed those in a pretty decent fashion. If you consider me lying on the floor, bleeding sweat, crying and cursing Sean T as decent. Which I do. So now that Renee has made my year, I decided to start over from the beginning so that the hubs could do it right along with me. 

Day 1, Fit Test:
This is the "in what kind of shape are you in" pre-workout test. It consists of 8 exercises: 

You do each exercise for 1 minute, then log how many you were able to do. For the record, I despise Globe Jumps and Suicide Jumps. I obviously have no comparison yet but I think I did okay. By the end of the 63 day program, you will do the fit test 4 times and have some neat comparisons. Here are my "scores":

Switch Kicks - 50
Power Jacks - 36
Power Knees - 80
Power Jumps - 30 
Globe Jumps - 9 (seriously?)
Suicide Jumps (aka Burpees) - 14
Push Up Jacks - 17
Low Plank Oblique - 30

Day 2, Plyometric Cardio Circuit (aka WTF?):
This is the longest 42 minutes of my life. There is a warm-up followed by 2 circuits of 3 rounds of exercises. Yay. 

Do this circuit 3 times (about 30 seconds per exercise), increasing your pace on each circuit. 
Jumping Jacks
Heismans (these are actually fun)
123s (run to the side, knee to chest)
Butt kicks
High Knees
Mummy Kicks (think zombie lol)

Now we do a 7 minute stretch. Seriously. This warm-up and stretch is about 17-18 minutes. OMG. (Thanks to http://fitnessfatale.com/2011/10/15/insanity-plyometric-cardio-circuit/ for the exercise descriptions! I personally have given them descriptions that are non-postable.)

1st Circuit:
Suicide Drills (move a few steps across floor, bend and touch the floor. Go to other side)
Power Squats (squat and jump)
Mountain Climbers (stand up high knees and use arms like climbing a ladder)
Ski Jumps (feet together, jump side to side)

Additional moves at 3rd set of Workout 1:
Switch Feet (jump to right foot front, then left foot front and repeat, keeping both feet flat on the ground the whole time and swinging your arms)
Football Sprints (with feet wide, quickly alternate weight from left to right foot and follow Shaun’s instructions to turn right or left, move forward and backward, etc).

2nd Circuit:
Basketball Drills (squat and pretend to shoot a basket)
5 sets of Level 1 Drills (4 push ups, 4 plank runs, move to a standing position and repeat)
5 sets of Ski Drill (Start in plank then jump your feet to the right and then jump back to center, then jump feet to left, repeat)

Additional moves at 3rd set of Workout 2:
Jabs (in a boxing stance, punch the air, alternating hands)
Cross Jacks (Alternate hands going above your head while alternating crossing one leg in front of the other and both legs out)
Uppercuts (in a boxing stance, perform uppercuts, alternating arms)
Attacks (I call it the Mr. Miyagi. In a deep squat, alternate throwing your open palm out like you are deflecting an opponent)

Whew! By the time the workout was completed, I was drenched in sweat, my double-layered sports bras looked like I had removed them from the wash cycle and put them on, and my make-up was streaked around my eyes. (Removing it would've been too easy, I suppose). The hubby....well, I seriously thought I was going to have to call an ambulance. Whereas I had run 2 miles (well, 25 minutes, which comes out to roughly 2 miles lol) about an hour before, he hasn't exercised with any real form or substance in years. My bad for allowing him to start with this. However, I made sure to give him plenty of encouraging words and sexy talk throughout! I'm hoping that is motivation enough for him to continue on. If not, I can always continue to perform the workouts while standing directly in front of him, which is good eye candy on the squats and stretches. ;-)

So far, I recommend Insanity. It's at least very sweaty and very physical!!! 

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